Where did you get your name from?

An “Axiom” is defined as an established fact or proposition that is regarded as evidently true.  Therefore, when we say we’re good, that should be a statement that everyone agrees with.  I know.  Have a glass of wine while you’re thinking about it and you’ll find the more you drink, the more sense it makes.  Or, it could be that it just sounds kinda cool.

What kinds of jobs do you do?

Taking a look at our Services Page is the best way to see many of the varied jobs we perform.  Remember, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, call us and ask.

What areas do you cover?

As a rule, we cover from Statesville to Huntersville (South to North) and from Davidson to Denver (East to West).  Depending upon the job, we have been known to work in North Charlotte as well.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.

Does Axiom carry liability insurance?

Yes.  We are a legitimately licensed North Carolina business.  We carry a $1 million dollar liability insurance policy, and we require any workers we bring with us to each carry Workers Compensation Insurance to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

How does the estimate process work? Is it really free?

The estimate is always free.  When you contact us either through the “Estimate Request Form” here on the website, or via a phone call, we will discuss your desired project over the phone, set up a date and time to come out and review it, and then write you a detailed estimate and price which we will email directly to you.

How close is your estimate to the actual price?

Our estimates are always expected to be within 10% of the actual price, allowing for minor changes in design, material, or accessibility.  If there is a latent or concealed issue that emerges in the process of doing our job that was unforeseen and can potentially alter the estimate significantly, we’ll bring it to your attention and discuss your options.  Other than that, we believe the price we give you should be what you can count on.

Can I add additional tasks to a project already underway?

In most cases, yes.  As long as the completion expectations are flexible, we can usually take on additional tasks for the same project.

Do you charge by the hour?

Most of the jobs we do are medium size to moderately larger jobs, so we charge by the job.  We know how long it should take to do a job and we’ve become pretty proficient at it, so if it runs longer because of something outside of your control, you don’t get charged.